The Fascia  is a sheet of tissue, made up of densely packed protein fibers, weaves throughout the entire body, and it binds and supports your muscles, bones and even your organs. When the fascial system is disturbed it leads to inability to sleep, posture and muscle imbalances and pain which in turn creates depression and limited mobility and function that causes illness.

What are some things we can do to keep it healthy?

  •  Exercise and  stay active
  • Drink  plenty of water you need stay hydrated 
  •  Eat Healthy and avoid Inflammatory Foods
  • Get plenty of rest on a supportive mattress
  •  Manage and Limit Stress
  •  Keep good posture
  •  Perform self releases
  • Avoid Injury or Trauma
  • Avoid prolonged positioning 
  • Wear supportive Foot ware 



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