At Synergy Myofascial Release & Rehab, Inc., we don’t only specialize in myofascial release but manual therapy. As manually trained therapists we offer our expertise to traditional rehab services. When orthopedic injuries occur, the expected outcomes are not always easily attainable with just traditional exercise, gait training and stretching. Often patient’s will experience secondary conditions or complications that can arise from the use of assistive equipment, edema changes and/or change in weight bearing status, decreased mobility and scarring. This is when having the expertise of a manual therapist can make all the difference. We take a holistic approach towards care to ward off these problems before they become a problem. Our highly trained and experienced staff have backgrounds in personal training and coaching which makes them ideal for treating sports related injuries. We have a fully equipped gym and offer one-on-one sessions with therapist. So often the combination of traditional therapy with the hands-on approach of manual therapy is used to train the fibers of tissue to repair and lay in a favorable manner that will ward off range of motion restrictions and speed up the recovery time. So why not give Synergy Myofascial Release & Rehab, Inc. the opportunity to show you the orthopedic difference that a manual therapist can provide.

Why choose Synergy?

• Speed up your recovery time
• Fewer complications
• Less Scarring
• Better Pain Management
• One-on-one care
• Improved mobility and posture post injury
• Advanced Strengthening Exercise



Come get The Results You Want – The Care You Deserve. 

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