Meet Spencer, a Mississippi native with a deep love for sports and the great outdoors. From a young age, Spencer’s heart belonged to sports, with a particular devotion to Alabama football, Atlanta Braves baseball, and motorsports, among many others. As a true sports enthusiast, he relishes every moment spent cheering for his favorite teams and athletes.

But Spencer’s interests don’t end on the field or the race track. He also finds solace in nature, whether it’s boating on tranquil waters, hunting in the wild, casting lines for fishing, or cultivating a thriving garden. As a DIY enthusiast, Spencer enjoys getting hands-on and taking on various projects that allow him to explore his creative side.

Adventure and exploration are essential aspects of Spencer’s life. He loves traveling to new places, soaking in different cultures, and creating cherished memories with his loved ones. In addition, Spencer has a taste for craft beer and enjoys attending concerts to immerse himself in the power of music.

Education has been a cornerstone of Spencer’s journey. He graduated with honors from Belhaven University in 2018, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science. During his time at Belhaven, Spencer was not only an academically accomplished student but also a distinguished member of the Sigma MU honor society and the SPEX club.

It was through his work with a minor league hockey team during his youth that Spencer was first introduced to sports medicine and physical therapy. This experience sparked a passion within him to make a positive impact on people’s lives in their time of need. Following his calling, Spencer pursued a career in Physical Therapy, and in 2021, he graduated from Atlanta Technical College with an Associate of Applied Science degree for Physical Therapist Assistant.

Throughout his career, Spencer has worked in various physical therapy settings, ranging from traditional outpatient facilities to home health services. Currently, he specializes in chronic pain, demonstrating his dedication to providing personalized and compassionate care to his patients.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Spencer’s heart is with his loving family. He is happily married to his partner, Hannah, and they share the joy of raising two wonderful children, Stone and Betty. Two adorable dogs, Bama and Gracie, complete their warm and vibrant household.

Spencer’s journey is a testament to his passion for sports, his dedication to his career, and his commitment to helping others on their path to healing and well-being. With a loving family by his side and a drive to make a positive impact, Spencer’s story continues to unfold, leaving a trail of inspiration and compassion in his wake.

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