There is no “perfect posture”

Good posture is more than standing up straight, and requires more than “keeping your shoulders back.”  To improve posture you have to strengthen how your body balances, and how it moves.
Though there is no one perfect posture, there are better and worse postures. It’s not just how you stand, it’s also how you align and balance your body when you sit.
Posture also affects how well you’ll live. Posture related back problems are the number three reason for all doctor visits!

  • 65 million people in the US alone endure back pain every year
  • Low back pain is the most common disability for people under age 45, causing lost productivity, inability to participate in normal activities, and diminished enjoyment of life.
  • 80% of Americans suffer back pain during their lives
ACE Your Posture

  • Awareness – Forget good or bad. Posture is strong or weak, and there’s always a path to improvement. A quick posture check is an annual must-do.
  • Control – Strong posture helps you to look your best and move without pain. A few minutes a day of posture exercise is all you need to improve your posture.
  • Environment – To maintain great posture create a posture-smart environment to put an end to bad habits!  Easy fixes and new posture tech makes it easy.

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