May is Posture Awareness Month!!

To spread awareness and increase efforts towards knowledge translation regarding certain health conditions and their debilitating affects, Synergy Myofascial Clinics recognizes the month of May as Posture Awareness Month.   We choose to advocate towards improving one’s life and addressing chronic pain ailments by assessing one’s Work, Exercise and Tech habits or lifestyle.

Begin with a side view picture of yourself.  Posture Points from your ears to your toes should line up like a pendulum.  Now, do the same by viewing your rear posture from standing.  The same points should line up from the top of your head, down your spine, to between your feet.  Usually, this takes the Eye and Skill of a Licensed Therapist to assess.

Then, have a Licensed Physical Therapist provide you with a PLAN to address how to fix these postural malformations through developing a program specifically tailored to YOUR BODY .  Core Strength and Good Balance are needed for great posture.  However, stretching and soft tissue manipulation is also needed to improve the elasticity of muscle, tendon, and fascia through Myofascial Release. 

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