Do you suffer from chronic migraine headaches?
Migraines are a type of headache, and one of the most common.   It has been suggested that myofascial trigger points take part in chronic pain conditions including primary headache disorders.  These trigger points are defined as hyperirritable spots of the skeletal muscle which is associated with hypersensitive nodules that can be noted in a taut band called fascia, and easily be felt by the human touch.    Treatment is usually directed at inactivating these trigger points by way of therapeutic touch, acupressure, ultrasound imaging modalities, electromyography, dry needling,  infrared thermography, or gentle stretching and strengthening.
Myofascial release is used, by way of therapeutic touch.  This means applying sustained, gentle pressure to the affected area, relieving stress and symmetry to the fascia, improving its elasticity.  So, if you’ve ever heard the song go “the neck bone is connected to the collar bone”, they were right!  If one tiny muscle is shortened by these tight modules the entire alignment of your fascia can be off and lead to these increasing pain complaints.

Don’t suffer in silence anymore! Tell your Medical Doctor to send you with a prescription of need for Myofascial Release related to migraine headaches.  You will thank us later!

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