This month, the staff at Synergy Myofascial hopes to increase the awareness of injury prevention and sports performance resulting in a safer, healthier and more knowledgeable environment for athletes and organizations.

Get into the GAME!

  1. Fitness assessments are important: height/weight measurements, agility tests, max strength tests, muscular endurance, anaerobic/aerobic capacity
  2. A proper warm-up is highly recommended to ensure young athletes do not develop sprains or strains
  3. Fitness training should be done before, during and after a sport season or training programs
  4. Over training can lead to burnout if not identified early enough
Fitness Assessments can be administered by one of our PT’s.
Prevention is KEY!

Youth sports participation is a fantastic opportunity for our children. Youth athletes learn about teamwork, competition and the importance of physical fitness. However, with competition comes natural risks.
These TIPS are important for parents, coaches and planners of amateur sporting events to reduce risk and keep youth athletes safe.
Help is HERE!
Research shows the sooner you are treated for an injury the faster your recovery time.
In addition to faster recovery, another important reason to seek attention from a Physical Therapist is to better understand the severity of your injury so that you can make the best decisions on your return to activity.
Our Pt’s are highly skilled at assessing impairments such as weakness, stiffness, and poor mechanics that impact return to sport. We work with coaches, parents, physicians, and trainers to help young athletes return to sport safely and quickly.

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