The word “arthritis” might call to mind images of older adults, and with good reason – aging is a primary cause of osteoarthritis, which affects an estimated 27 million Americans.

But arthritis isn’t exclusive to adults, children can develop arthritis as well. Juvenile arthritis isn’t a specific condition but an umbrella term that includes numerous types and subtypes.

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  1. Joints that are warm to the touch
  2. Swelling and tenderness at joints
  3. Fever
  4. Rash
  5. Favoring one limb over another or limping
  6. Pain (often worse following sleep or inactivity)
  7. Stiffness, especially upon waking in the morning
  8. Inability to bend or straighten joints completely
  9. Decreased physical activity
  10. Fatigue
  11. Sleep problems
  12. Swollen lymph nodes
  13. Reduced appetite and/or weight loss  |


The goal of treatment is to relieve inflammation, control pain and improve quality of life. With early aggressive treatment, however, remission is possible.

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