During the holidays we tend to forget the life-changing gift of giving ourselves the gift of health and self-care we each deserve:

  • Do what you need to do in order to stay healthy, energetic, and present in your life.
  • Schedule time to take a breath during the holiday season.
  • Give yourself the time to take a walk, enjoy a yoga class, or even do some breathing exercises.
  • Don’t wait until the first of the year to make a resolution that you know you will break! Say “yes” to making healthy choices and taking one small step at a time now.

Give yourself the gift of health and happiness.

For those who dread trips to the gym or fitness center during winter’s inclement weather, physical therapy offers custom therapies, training and fitness programs to maintain health and fitness levels, reduce the risk of injury, and perform more efficiently.

Physical therapy also offers an effective alternative for the elderly, those with chronic conditions, and people who don’t feel comfortable within traditional gym environments.

Christmas: Closed 24th and 25th
New Years: Closed New Years Day

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