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Synergy Myofascial Release and Rehab, Inc. is an  out patient physical therapy clinic located in Brandon, MS at the Reservoir and in Madison, MS on Key Drive.  We  specialize in a holistic hands on approach to physical therapy called Myofascial Release.  Myofascial Release has proven to be a useful and effective treatment for chronic pain condition such as:  low back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, TMJ and plantar fasciitis to name a few.

Our highly trained staff offers specialized treatments in the war against your pain including Kinesiology Taping, Dry Needling, Manual Muscle Energy Techniques, Posture Programs, Ergonomics and Therapeutic

Exercise along with supportive equipment and education to achieve your goals of eliminating pain.  At Synergy Myofascial Release and Rehab, Inc. you will receive one on one care.  We work with you and your physician’s orders to provide lasting results.

Reservoir Location

Monday 7am – 5pm
Tuesday 7am – 5pm
Wednesday 7am – 5pm
Thursday 7am – 5pm
Friday, 7am – 5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

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